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Stallion group empowers communities and help those in need. See how we do it:


The importance of Education cannot be overstated. Our philanthropic effort believes in not just helping the communities but empowering them to achieve autonomy over their means of production and standard of living.

Health Care

The mortality rate in developing and underdeveloped areas is often needlessly high. The high mortality rate often causes financial and psychological harm to those affected. By providing free and subsidized Healthcare treatments, we hope to keep the community thriving and alive.


Empowerment is the end goal of our philanthropic effort. We want to provide “fish” and also teach the people “how to fish.” Empowerment in these communities has large ripple effects that can transform communities in a generation or less.


Art is a therapeutic and rewarding form of self-expression. Self-expression is a medium that should be available to everyone. It can also inspire people to be more creative and begin to have bigger ideas and bigger dreams.

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