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Healthcare is Stallion Empower Initiative’s second area of concern. Health care in Nigeria is heavily privatized which means basic healthcare is expensive and inaccessible by members of vulnerable communities. Through our initiative, we currently support a clinic and a hospital. The hospital has seventy-five (75) beds with a special ward dedicated to female and pediatric health care services.

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The hospital is located in Aladja, Warri in Nigeria. Before SEI’s intervention, the rural and underdeveloped areas could only provide services to a few people per day. After the intervention, they can currently provide services to 50 people daily. The Premium Hospital was founded to provide affordable healthcare to vulnerable individuals in the community. The Premium Hospital was established to address the pressing issue of infant and maternal mortality in childbirth.

Accessibility in Healthcare is important especially in underdeveloped and rural communities of Aladja. Through the provision of affordable healthcare, medical equipment, and trained personnel, SEI aims to improve the quality of the healthcare system. Stallion Empower Initiative also supports Hyundai’s “Anti-Malaria Campaign” which works to reduce the cases of malaria and malaria infections. Some of our goals for The Premium Hospital in Aladja include purchasing an Automatic Hematology Analyser, Diathermy Machine, OT Table, Sonic Aids, and X-ray machines.

Nigeria’s maternal mortality rates are exceptionally high with forty thousand deaths yearly and an almost 10% percent infant mortality rate.

SEI works hand-in-hand with hospitals and clinics to address the infant and maternal mortality rates. These are pressing issues SEI aims to address through proper education, awareness, accessibility, standard healthcare facilities, and prenatal care.

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