Our Empowerment

Youth empowerment is the key to the success of communities. By empowering the youth, you empower young adults and slowly break the cycle of lack and reduce the social disparities so evident in underdeveloped communities. This is why Stallion Empowerment Initiative places significant attention on youth empowerment and skill acquisition programs enabling youth empowerment.  SEI offers youth empowerment and skill acquisition programs at the Stallion Group assembly plant situated in Badagry, Lagos.

Farmer Outreach

Stallion Empowerment Initiative acknowledges the importance of farmers in their immediate societies and their regions at large. Agriculture and farming play monumental roles in the lives of families and individuals around Nigeria. However, there are hindrances to farming effectively and sustainably. The major hindrances are a lack of awareness and a lack of proper farming equipment. By providing standard tools and equipment for farmers to use in Kano, SEI supplements the numerous educational programs made available to farmers through our initiative. SEI also encourages women in farming to participate in these programs and access the equipment being provided so they may have good earning opportunities.

Automotive Industry

SEI in partnership with Bajaj offers free training programs that teach the youth and other interested persons how to use and maintain tricycles. The SEI Bajaj Training program emphasizes the importance of equality and equity in the training program. The training program is open to men and women and encourages women to pursue more diverse means of income acquisition. The SEI Bajaj Training program offers participants the opportunity to meet with fleet owners and microfinancers who will help willing and dedicated members of the program finance and ultimately own their tricycles.

The Orphanage

The Orphanage is a 2021 project by SEI. Currently, there are over 17 million vulnerable children across the country. Many of them are without families and left to fend for themselves at very young ages. SEI is currently building a 75-bed orphanage in Warri, Delta State that will house children in this situation. The orphanage will be equipped with the right tools as well as trained and trustworthy caretakers who will provide a nurturing environment for children to thrive in. They will also have access to education and healthcare so they can grow up to be empowered and strong young adults.

CSR Initiatives

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. This is a way for our host communities to hold us accountable and also a way for us to give back to our host communities. SEI currently offers six CSR initiatives. Two of which are focused on 2 primary schools and 1 tertiary high school. Our other CSR initiatives are as follows;

– PROVISION OF VEHICLES FOR THE RAPID RESPONSE SQUAD – The health care and security sectors need functioning vehicles to fulfill their duties. SEI in partnership with Nissan currently donates vehicles to support security providers in the country.

– HYUNDAI ANTI-MALARIA CAMPAIGN – Annually, at the start of the rainy season, SEI in partnership with Hyundai distribute products that reduce the spread of malaria. Mosquito nets, sprays, and other preventive products are distributed to orphanages and underdeveloped locations across Nigeria. Fumigation also occurs around schools, orphanages, and other selected areas.

– FEED NIGERIA INITIATIVE (SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAM) – SEI is honored to be a part of the Feed Nigeria Initiative. We do this by purchasing foods and agro-commodities from local farmers in surrounding communities. This national program hopes to reduce the 30% primary school drop-out rate in Nigeria by providing meals to students so they don’t have to drop out of school to earn their keep.

COVID – 19 (CSR Initiatives)

In response to the widespread impact of the coronavirus pandemic, SEI has taken the following steps.

SEI is working in close coordination with all stakeholders as well as the government to alleviate and reduce the negative circumstances surrounding COVID patients, frontline workers, and lots of daily wage earners who are most impacted in Nigeria. SEI pledged free bags of rice and fish for three months to all hospitals dedicated to COVID–19 care in Nigeria. Ninety-eight (98) State hospitals in Nigeria are already registered as a part of this program.

SEI has also deployed staff buses to ferry health care workers to hospitals dedicated to COVID-19 treatment in Lagos.

SEI is further working with Morsuns Mobile Clinic to offer free medical consultation and drugs to residents in Lagos across 11 clinics located across Lagos State. This service will treat over seventy (70) common ailments in Nigeria and will reach over twenty thousand people (20000) in the city over 2 months.

SEI is also driving a social program called “SEI Mask 4 All” to support the women of the farming communities in Kano, Nigeria. Working together with the cooperatives, we are helping the propagation of the new hygiene norms in rural Nigeria and bringing additional incomes to their homes. The reusable Ankara fabric masks are made by these women and distributed amongst NGOs and businesses to help protect communities against COVID-19.

SEI partnered up with the Cuppy Foundation, Red Cross, and Food Clique Support to distribute PPE which is vital for medical professionals who help protect communities during the pandemic.

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