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Art is a liberating mode of self-expression. The Stallion Empower Initiative wants to empower African artists by giving them a platform to promote their artworks. Our art auction will be held in November 2021 and will showcase 25 works of art from 5 artists. The Art Auction and the Artists involved will be donating parts of the sales to our upcoming initiatives. This auction will provide a platform for African artists to present their work to a Middle Eastern audience and also support local programs that will inspire the next generation of artists.

Flim Club

Recently, we at SEI screened an animated series called My Better World. This animation was created by Impact(ed) and Fundi Films. It follows six African teenage students as they go through life and shows us life through their experiences. This animated series although light-hearted at times deals with serious topics such as gender equality, child labor, early marriage, and domestic abuse. My Better World spins inspirational tales of empowerment, victory, and perseverance in a way that is motivational and relatable. The screening access by SEI had a major impact on the children. It inspired and motivated them but most importantly it showed the children that they too could create a better world.

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