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In synonymy with its title, the Stallion Empower Initiative Foundation addresses issues at its foundation. This philanthropic effort was introduced in 2019 to directly address the socio-economic inequalities that plague underdeveloped areas in West Africa. Stallion Empower Initiative was founded by Sahil and Sarina Vaswani.

Through a mix of education, empowerment, healthcare, and self-expression, Stallion Empower Initiative has empowered communities and ended helping hands to those in need. Even though this non-profit foundation addressed present issues, most of our focus lies on the future and empowerment. This is why we invest in healthcare, education, art, and training centered around empowerment. True philanthropy is more than charity and giving. True philanthropy is about empowerment and that is where our passions lie.

Our Journey since 1952

For Stallion, it begins and ends with the people. For 50 years, Stallion has worked to hasten the development of West Africa and have a hand in transforming the often overlooked Sub Saharan region.

The foundation attempts to address social issues at both local and national level.

SEI envisions to develop social programmes to initiate sustainable and scalable growth that leave an impact for future generations. In order to
accomplish this, it is important to focus on the three main pillars of social development – education, healthcare and youth empowerment. Since
2019, SEI has a presence in Lagos, Kano and Warri in Nigeria.

In the course of the past year, SEI has introduced programmes to improve the facilities and opportunities for communities in the regions above.
The following programmes have been introduced

  • The Library and Reading initiative for the Schools in Warri.
  • The Scholarship Programme for the Technical High School in Warri.
  • The SEIMask4all Campaign for Women of the farming communities in Kano.
  • Sanitation Education Programme for Girls with Diva Pads in Warri.
  • Covid-19 Relief Programme for medical staff, patients and hospitals in Nigeria.
  • Youth Training Programmes for engineering students at Von auto-assembly plant.
  • Health-Tech initiative with Helium Health to improve data collection for doctors and patients in Warri.
  • The Medical Equipment Initiative to update the facilities and equipment at the PSML Hospital in Warri.

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