Our Team

Sunil Vaswani

Sunil Vaswani is the chairman of the Stallion Group. He grew up in Nigeria with his brothers in the early 70’s. He left the county to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Accounting in London. Sunil spent most of his formative years in Nigeria learning about the business that would later become the Stallion Group from his father, Sunderdas Vaswani.

Sunil Vaswani is passionate about West Africa, and the growth of its economy. He is a philanthropist who regularly invests in the host communities of his factories. Sunil Vaswani is the co-founder of the Stallion Empowerment Initiative. He is a businessman with diversified interests in automobiles, technology, petrochemicals, plastics and packaging, steel manufacturing, food, and other commodities.

Sunil Vaswani is passionate about the industrialization of West Africa, which will lead to the availability of more jobs as well as Western Africa’s green revolution.

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